Frequently Asked Questions


What inspired you to start Joyfulness Store?

In 2019, I ventured into Indian e-commerce, trying various businesses. Through digital marketing and blogging, I found my path into Indian e-commerce, registered for GST, and have been committed to providing happiness through Joyfulness Store ever since.

How would you describe the mission and values of your brand?

I'm committed to delivering joy to people's lives through unique and happy products, aiming to make every India happy.

Product Information

Can you highlight a few best-selling products in your store?

The 4 Magic Books + 10 Refill Set has been a top seller with 4000 units sold. Other best-sellers include abs rollers, touch lamp portable speakers, and various products I've experimented with.

Are your products locally sourced, or do you collaborate with global suppliers?

Products are locally sourced from different parts of India, with some suppliers sourcing globally when needed.

Order and Shipping

What is the typical shipping time for orders?

We aim to deliver within four to seven days, with plans to partner with a faster courier company for 2 to 3 days delivery.

Do you offer international shipping?

Currently, our focus is on delivering within India, but we are considering international shipping in the future.

Returns and Exchanges

How does your return and exchange process work?

We offer a 3-day replacement window for damaged items, missing parts, or incorrect products. Customers can initiate replacements via WhatsApp.

What qualifies for a return or exchange?

To qualify, items must be unused, with tags, and in the original packaging. Unboxing videos are encouraged for quick resolution.

Customer Support

How can customers reach your customer support team?

Customers can reach us via WhatsApp at +91 80 959 959 44 or email us at between 9 AM to 6 PM, all 365 days.

What is your typical response time for customer inquiries?

We aim to resolve 60% of queries within six hours and the remaining within 17 to 18 hours.

Payment and Security

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payments through Razorpay and Paytm, two of India's widely used payment gateways.

How do you ensure the security of customer payment information?

Customer data is stored securely on Shopify, and we do not share any data with third parties.

Sustainability Practices

Are there any sustainability practices implemented in your business?

We are exploring sustainability practices and currently use eco-friendly packaging.

Do you use eco-friendly packaging for your products?

Yes, our packaging is eco-friendly, and we are open to suggestions for further improvements.

Collaborations and Partnerships

Are there any collaborations or partnerships you're particularly excited about?

Currently, we haven't collaborated, but we are open to exciting opportunities in the future.

How do you select brands or products for collaboration?

We are open to suggestions and guidance on selecting brands or products for collaboration.